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*Clinical Failures of Ceramic Dental Prostheses

Liu, Yihong; Shen, James Zhijian
2014 | Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry | Chapter 5 (77-102)

*Requirements of Bioactive Ceramics for Dental Implants and Scaffolds

Shen, James Zhijian; Fäldt, Jenny
2014 | Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry | Chapter 13 (279-300)

*Advanced Dental-restoration Materials: Concepts for the Future

Shen, James Zhijian; Kosma?, Tomaž
2014 | Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry | Chapter 16 (343-358)

*Advanced Direct Forming Processes for the Future

Kuscer, Danjela; Shen, James Zhijian
2014 | Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry | Chapter 18 (375-390)
Scientific papers

*CHA-type zeolites with high boron content: Synthesis, structure and selective adsorption properties

Liang, Jie; Su, Jie; Wang, Yingxia; Lin, Zhongjun; Mu, Weijun; Zheng, Haoquan; Zou, Ruqiang; Liao, Fuhui; Lin, Jianhua
2014 | Microporous and Mesoporous Materials | 194 (97-105)
Scientific papers

Colloidal processing and partial sintering of high-performance porous zirconia nanoceramics with hierarchical heterogeneities

Kocjan, Andraž; Shen, Zhijian
2014 | Journal of the European Ceramic Society | 33(15-15) (3165-3176)
Scientific papers

Hexagonal BN-encapsulated ZrB2 particle by nitride boronizing

Zou, Ji; Liu, Jingjing; Zhang, Guo-Jun; Huang, Shuigen; Vleugels, Jef; Van der Biest, Omer; Shen, James Zhijian
2014 | Acta Materialia | 72 (167-177)
Scientific papers

Recent progress in scanning electron microscopy for the characterization of fine structural details of nano materials

Suga, Mitsuo; Asahina, Shunsuke; Sakuda, Yusuke; Kazumori, Hiroyoshi; Nishiyama, Hidetoshi; Nokuo, Takeshi; Alfredsson, Viveka; Kjellman, Toma; Stevens, Sam M.; Cho, Hae Sung; Cho, Minhyung; Han, Lu; Che, Shunai; Anderson, Michael W.; Schüth, Ferdi; Deng, Hexiang; Yaghi, Omar M.; Liu, Zheng; Jeong, Hu Young; Stein, Andreas; Sakamoto, Kazuyuki; Ryoo, Ryong; Terasaki, Osamu
2014 | Progress in Solid State Chemistry | 42 (1-21)
Scientific papers

Structure analysis of zeolites by rotation electron diffraction (RED)

Su, Jie; Kapaca, Elina; Liu, Leifeng; Georgieva, Veselina; Wan, Wei; Sun, Junliang; Valtchev, Valentin; Hovmöller, Sven; Zou, Xiaodong
2014 | Microporous and Mesoporous Materials | 189 (115-125)
Scientific papers

Structuring adsorbents and catalysts by processing of porous powders

Akhtar, Farid; Andersson, Linnéa; Ogunwumi, Steven; Hedin, Niklas; Bergström, Lennart
2014 | Journal of the European Ceramic Society | 34 (1643-1666)
Scientific papers

Study of titanate nanotubes by X-ray and electron diffraction and electron microscopy

Brunatova, Tereza; Popelkova, Daniela; Wan, Wei; Oleynikov, Peter; Danis, Stanislav; Zou, Xiaodong; Kuzel, Radomir
2014 | Materials Characterization | 87 (166-171)
Scientific papers

A top-down approach to densify ZrB2–SiC–BN composites with deeper homogeneity and improved reliability

Zou, Ji; Liu, Jingjing; Zhao, Jian; Zhang, Guo-Jun; Huang, Shuigen; Qian, Bin; Vleugels, Jef; Van der Biest, Omer; Shen, James Zhijian
2014 | Chemical Engineering Journal | 249 (93-101)
Scientific papers

A complex pseudo-decagonal quasicrystal approximant, Al37(Co,Ni) 15.5, solved by rotation electron diffraction

Singh, D.; Yun, Y.; Wan, W.; Grushko, B.; Zou, X.; Hovmöller, S.
2014 | Journal of Applied Crystallography | 47 (215-221)
Scientific papers

Construction of mesoporous frameworks with vanadoborate clusters

Chen, H.; Yu, Z. B.; Bacsik, Z.; Zhao, H.; Yao, Q.; Sun, J.
2014 | Angewandte Chemie - International Edition | 126 (3682-3685)
Scientific papers

*Densification as an exothermic process revealed by rapid high temperature consolidation of BaTiO3 nanopowder

Li, D.; Hu, J. F.; Zhang, J. Z.; Ma, J.; Shen, Z.
2014 | Advances in Applied Ceramics | 113 (251-256)
Scientific papers

A germanosilicate structure with 11×11×12-ring channels solved by electron crystallography

Hua, W.; Chen, H.; Yu, Z. B.; Zou, X.; Lin, J.; Sun, J.
2014 | Angewandte Chemie - International Edition | 53 (5868-5871)
Scientific papers

A semiconducting microporous framework of Cd6Ag 4(SPh)16 clusters interlinked using rigid and conjugated bipyridines

Xu, C.; Hedin, N.; Shi, H. T.; Zhang, Q. F.
2014 | Chemical Communications | 50 (3710-3712)
Scientific papers

Solid-state perovskite-sensitized p-type mesoporous nickel oxide solar cells

Tian, H.; Xu, B.; Chen, H.; Johansson, E. M. J.; Boschloo, G.
2014 | ChemSusChem
Scientific papers

Structural determination of ordered porous solids by electron crystallography

Willhammar, T.; Yun, Y.; Zou, X.
2014 | Advanced Functional Materials | 24 (182-199)
Scientific papers

Total synthesis of capsaicin analogues from lignin-derived compounds by combined heterogeneous metal, organocatalytic and enzymatic cascades in one pot

Anderson, M.; Afewerki, S.; Berglund, P.; Córdova, A.
2014 | Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis | 356
Scientific papers

Zeolites and related sorbents with narrow pores for CO2 separation from flue gas

Cheung, O.; Hedin, N.
2014 | RSC Advances | 4(28) (14480-14494)
Scientific papers

Nanopalladium on amino-functionalized mesocellular foam as an efficient and recyclable catalyst for the selective transfer hydrogenation of nitroarenes to anilines

Verho, O.; Nagendiran, A.; Tai, C.-W.; Johnston, E.V.; Bäckvall, J.-E.
2014 | ChemCatChem 6 | 6 (205-211)
Scientific papers

Supra-molecular assembly of aromatic proton sponges to direct the crystallization of extra-large-pore zeotypes

Martinez-Franco, R.; Sun, J.; Sastre, G.; Yun, Y.; Zou, X.; Moliner, M.; Corma, A.
2014 | Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences Article number 20140107 | 470(2166)
Scientific papers

Uncovering the role of intra- and intermolecular motion in frustrated lewis acid/base chemistry: Ab initio molecular dynamics study of CO2 binding by phosphorus/boron frustrated lewis pair [ t Bu3P/B(C 6F5)3]

Pu, M.; Privalov, T.
2014 | Inorganic Chemistry | 53(9) (4598-4609)
Scientific papers

Chemoenzymatic dynamic kinetic resolution of primary amines using a recyclable palladium nanoparticle catalyst together with lipases

Gustafson, K.P.J.; Lihammar, R.; Verho, O.; Engström, K.; Bäckvall, J.-E.
2014 | Journal of Organic Chemistry | 79 (3747-3751)
Scientific papers

A general Suzuki cross-coupling reaction of heteroaromatics catalyzed by nanopalladium on amino-functionalized siliceous mesocellular foam

Bratt, E.; Verho, O.; Johansson, M.J.; Bäckvall, J.-E.
2014 | Journal of Organic Chemistry | 79 (3946-3954)
Scientific papers

A readily available ruthenium complex for efficient dynamic kinetic resolution of aromatic alpha-hydroxy ketones

Agrawal, S.; Martínez-Castro, E.; Marcos, R.; Martín-Matute, B.
2014 | Organic Letters | 16 (2256-2259)
Scientific papers

Effect of multistep processing technique on the formation of micro-defects and residual stresses in zirconia dental restorations

Jing, Z.; Ke, Z.; Yihong, L.; Zhijian, S.
2014 | Journal of Prosthodontics | 23 (206-212)
Scientific papers

Iron oxide nanoparticles embedded in activated carbons prepared from hydrothermally treated waste biomass

Hao, W.; Björkman, E.; Yun, Y.; Lilliestråle, M.; Hedin, N.
2014 | ChemSusChem | 7 (875-882)
Scientific papers

Silica-Based Nanoporous Materials

Han, L.; Ohsuna, T.; Liu, Zheng; Alfredsson, V.; Kjellman, T.; Asahina, S.; Suga, M.; Ma, Y.; Oleynikov, P.; Miyasaka, K.; et al.
2014 | Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie | 640(3-4) (521-536)
Scientific papers

Cycloisomerization of acetylenic acids to γ-alkylidene lactones using a palladium(II) catalyst supported on amino-functionalized siliceous mesocellular foam

Nagendiran, A.; Verho, O.; Haller, C.; Johnston, E.V.; Bäckvall, J.-E.
2014 | Journal of Organic Chemistry | 79 (1399-1405)
Scientific papers

Ab initio structure determination of interlayer expanded zeolites by single crystal rotation electron diffraction

Guo, P.; Liu, L.; Yun, Y.; Su, J.; Wan, W.; Gies, H.; Zhang, H.; Xiao, F.-S.; Zou, X.
2014 | Dalton Trans. | 43 (10593-10601)
Scientific papers

*Access to Cinnamyl Derivatives from Simple Arenes and Allyl Esters by a Biomimetic Aerobic Oxidative Dehydrogenative Coupling

Gigant, N; Bäckvall, JE
2014 | Org. Lett. | 16 (1664-1667)
Scientific papers

*Adhesion of lactoferrin and bone morphogenetic protein-2 to a rutile surface: dependence on the surface hydrophobicity

Sun, T.; Han, G.; Lindgren, M.; Shen, Z.J.; Laaksonen, A
2014 | Biomater. Sci. | 2 (1090-1099)
Scientific papers

*Aerobic Double Dehydrogenative Cross Coupling between Cyclic Saturated Ketones and Simple Arenes

Gigant, N; Bäckvall, JE
2014 | Chem. Eur. J. | 20 (5890-5894)
Scientific papers

CO2 selective NaMg-CTS-1 and its structural formation from the titanium silicate based molecule sieve NaMg-ETS-4

Cheung, O; Su, J; Bacsik, Z; Li, J; Samain, L; Zou, XD; Hedin, N
2014 | Microporous Mesoporous Mater | 198 (63-73)
Scientific papers

Combined hetrogeneous metal/chiral amine: Multiple relay catalysis for versatile eco-friendly synthesis

Deiana, L; Jian, Y; Palo-Nieto, C; Afewerki, S; Incerti-Pradillos C; Verho, O; Tai, C.-W; Johnston, EV; Córdova, A.
2014 | Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. | 43
Scientific papers

Correlated defect nanoregions in a metal–organic framework

Cliffe, M. J.; Wan, W.; Zou, X.; Chater, P. A.; Kleppe, A. K.; Tucker, M. G.; Wilhelm, H.; Funnell, N. P.; Coudert, F.-X.; Goodwin, A. L.
2014 | Nat. Commun. | 5
Scientific papers

*Efficient and Highly Enantioselective Aerobic Oxidation–Michael–Carbocyclization Cascade Transformations by Integrated Pd(0)-CPG Nanoparticle/Chiral Amine Relay Catalysis

Deiana, L; Ghisu, L; Córdova, O; Afewerki, S; Zhang, R; Córdova, A
2014 | Synthesis | 46
Scientific papers

Efficient Palladium Catalyzed Aminocarbonylation of Aryl Iodides using Palladium vNanoparticles Dispersed on Siliceous Mesocellular Foam

Tinnis, F; Verho, O; Gustafsson, KPJ; Tai, C.-W.; Bäckvall, JE; Adolfsson, H
2014 | Chem. Eur. J. | 20 (5885-5889)
Scientific papers

*Free energy barriers for CO2 and N2 in zeolite NaKA: an ab initio molecular dynamics approach

Mace, A; Laasonen, K; Laaksonen, A
2014 | PhysChemPhys | 16 (166-172)
Scientific papers

*Functional assembly of camphor converting two-component Baeyer–Villiger monooxygenases with a flavin reductase

Kadow, M; Balke, K; Willetts, A; Bornscheuer, UT; Bäckvall, JE
2014 | Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. | 98 (3975-3986)
Scientific papers

*General protein purification and immobilization method on controlled porosity glass: Biocatalytic applications

Engelmark Cassimjee, K; Kadow, M; Svedendahl Humble, M; Wikmark, Y; Rothstein, M; Bäckvall, JE
2014 | Chem. Commun. | 50 (9134-9137)
PhD thesis

Inorganic and Metal-Organic Framework Materials-Synthesis and Structure characterization

Liu, Leifeng
Scientific papers

Iridium-Catalyzed Isomerization / Bromination of Allylic Alcohols: Synthesis of alpha-Bromocarbonyl Compounds

Bermejo Gómez, A; Erbing, E; Batuecas, M; Vázquez-Romero, A; Martín-Matute, B
2014 | Chem. Eur. J. | 20 (10703-10709)
Diploma work

Metal-Organic Frameworks functionalized with transition metal complexes, June 24, 2014

Vanpeene, Saskia
Scientific papers

Microporous adsorbents for CO2 capture – a case for microporous polymers?

Xu, C; Hedin, N
2014 | Materials Today, DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2014.05.007
PhD thesis

Narrow-pore zeolites and zeolite-like adsorbents for CO2 separation

Ocean Cheung
Scientific papers

Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Hydroamination of Carbamates and Carbamothioates

Alamsetti, SK; Persson, AKÅ; Bäckvall, JE
2014 | Org. Lett. | 16 (1434-1437)
Scientific papers

*Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidative Carbocyclization-Carbonylation of Allenynes and Enallenes

Volla, CMR; Mazuela, J; Bäckvall, JE
2014 | Chem. Eur. J. | 20 (7608-7612)
Scientific papers

Pd-Catalyzed Oxidative Arylating Carbocyclization of Allenynes: Control of Selectivity and Role of H2O

Bartholomeyzik, T; Mazuela, J; Deng, Y; Bäckvall, JE
2014 | Angew. Chem. Int Ed. | 53 (8696-8699)

Structure from Diffraction Methods

Lu Han, Keiichi Miyasaka, Osamu Terasaki
2014 | Chapter 4: Electron Crystallography (201-256)
Scientific papers

SU-79: a novel germanate with 3D 10- and 11-ring channels templated by a square-planar nickel complex

Huang, S.; Su, J.; Christensen, K.; Inge, A. K.; Liang, J.; Zou, X.; Sun, J.
2014 | Inorg. Chem. Front. | 1 (278-283)
Licentiate thesis

Supported Palladium Nanoparticles For Sustainable Cross-Coupling And Oxidation Reactions

Pascanu, Vlad
Diploma work

Synthesis and characterization of open-framework germanates

Fang, Liang
Diploma work

Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal Borides Targeted as Binders in Ceramic Composites

Farahani, Saina Kishani
Scientific papers

*Synthesis of 4,5-disubstituted 2-­aminothiazoles from alpha, beta-unsaturated ketones: Preparation of 5-benzyl-4-methyl-2-aminothiazolium hydrochloride salt

Bermejo Gómez, A; Ahlsten, N; Platero-Prats, AE; Martín-Matute, B
2014 | Org. Synthesis | 91
PhD thesis

Transition Metal-Catalyzed Redox Reactions. A Journey from Homogeneous Ruthenium to Heterogeneous Palladium Catalysis

Verho, Oscar
Scientific papers

pi-pi Interaction of Aromatic Groups in Amphiphilic Molecules Directing for Single Crystalline Mesostructured Zeolite Nanosheets

Dongdong Xu, Yanhang Ma, Jian Ding, Lu Han, Bhupendra Singh, Ji Feng, Xuefeng Shen, Yimeng Wang, Peter Oleynikov, Osamu Terasaki and Shunai Che
2014 | Nat. Commun. | 5
Scientific papers

*Synthesis and Electron-Transfer Processes in a New Family of Ligands for Coupled Ru-Mn2 Complexes

Karlsson, E. A.; Lee, B.-L.; Liao, R.-Z.; Åkermark, T.; Kärkäs, M. D.; Becerril, V. S.; Siegbahn, P. E. M.; Zou, X.; Abrahamsson, M.; Åkermark, B.
2014 | ChemPlusChem | 79 (936-950)
Scientific papers

Activated Carbons for Water Treatment Prepared by Phosphoric Acid Activation of Hydrothermally Treated Beer Waste

Hao, W., Björkman, E., Lilliestråle, M., Hedin, N.
2014 | Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. | DOI: 10.1021/ie5004569
Scientific papers

SU-77: an open-framework germanate containing 12×10×10-ring channels solved by combining rotation electron diffraction and powder X-ray diffraction

Fang, L., Liu, L.F., Yun, Y.F., Inge, A.K., Wan, W., Zou, X.D. and Gao, F.F.
2014 | Cryst. Growth Des. | DOI: 10.1021/cg500681k
Scientific papers

How do Frustrated Lewis Acid/Base Systems Pass through Transition-State Regions? The case of H2 cleavage by phosphorus/boron Frustrated Lewis Pair [tBu3P/B(C6F5)3]

Pu, M., Privalov, T.
2014 | ChemPhysChem. | DOI: cphc.201402450
Scientific papers

Visualizing Gas Adsorption on Porous Solids: Four Simple, Effective Demonstrations

Cheung, O.
2014 | J. Chem. Educ. | DOI: 10.1021/ed500233v
Scientific papers

Rapid sintering of silicon nitride foams decorated with one-dimensional nanostructure by intense thermal radiation

Li, D; Guzi de Moraes,E; Guo, P; Zou, J; Zhang, J; Colombo,P; Shen, ZJ
2014 | Sci. Tech. Adv. Mater. | 15
Scientific papers

Multiple-pathways of carbon dioxide binding by a Lewis acid [B(C6F5)3] and a Lewis base [P(tBu)3]: the energy landscape perspective

Pu, M., Privalov, T.
2014 | Int. J. Quant. Chem. | 114 (289-294)
Scientific papers

Strong discs of activated carbons from hydrothermally carbonized beer waste”,

Hao, W; Keshavarzi, N; Branger, A; Bergström, L; Hedin, N
2014 | Carbon | 78 (521-531)
Scientific papers

K+ exchanged zeolite ZK-4 as a highly selective sorbent for CO2

Cheung, O; Bacsik, Z; Krokidas, P; Mace, A; Laaksonen, A; Hedin, N
2014 | Langmuir | 30 (9682-9690)
Scientific papers

*Synthesis and structure determination of potassium copper selenide nanowires and solid-state supercapacitor application

Zhang, K.Y., Chen, H., Wang, X., Guo, D.L., Hu, C.G., Wang, S.X., Sun, J.L., Leng, Q.
2014 | J. Power Sources | 268 (522-532)
Scientific papers

SSZ-61: a high-silica zeolite with dumbbell-shaped extra-large-pore channels,

Smeets, S., Xie, D., Baerlocher, C., McCusker, L.B., Wan, W., Zou, X.D., Zones, S.I.
2014 | Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.
Scientific papers

Structures of Silica-Based Nanoporous Materials Revealed by Microscopy,

Han, L., Ohsuna, T., Liu, Z., Alfredsson, V., Kjellman, T., Asahina, S., Suga, M., Ma, Y.H., Oleynikov, P., Miyasaka, K., Mayoral, A., Diaz, I., Sakamoto, Y., Stevens, S., Anderson, M.W., Xiao, C.H., Fujita, N., Garcia-Bennett, A., Yoon, K.B., Che, S., Terasaki, O.
2014 | Z. Anorganic. Allgem. Chem. | 640 (521-536)
Scientific papers

Early bone formation peri titanium implants prepared by selective laser melting: an experimental study on immediate versus non-immediate loading in dogs

Liu, J; Han, G; Pan, S; Gem, Y; Feng, H; Shen ZJ,
2014 | Clinical Oral Implants Research

Structure determination of zeolites by electron crystallography

Willhammar, T. and Zou, X.D., “
2014 | in “Zeolites in Sustainable Chemistry: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Applications” Springer (2014).

Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of a Primary Amine by an Efficient Bifunctional Pd-CALB Hybrid Catalyst. A Metalloenzyme Mimic for Enhanced Cooperative Catalysis

O. Verho, K. P. J. Gustafson, and J.-E. Bäckvall
2014 | manuscript for 3rd volume of “Practical Methods in Biocatalysis and Biotransformations”. 2014, in press

*Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry Introduction

Shen JZ; Kosmac T
2014 | Adv. Ceram. Dentist., Edited by Shen JZ; Kosmac T (1-4)

*Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry Preface

Shen JZ; Kosmac T
2014 | Adv. Ceram. Dentist., Edited by Shen JZ; Kosmac T (XIII-XIV)
Scientific papers

3D reconstruction of atomic structures from high angle annular dark field (HAADF) STEM images and its application on zeolite silicalite-1

Willhammar, T., Mayoral, A., Zou, X.D.
2014 | Dalton Trans. | 43 (14158-14163)
Scientific papers

Mesoporous silica nanoparticles applied as a support for Pd and Au nanocatalysts in cycloisomerization reactions

Verho, O., Gao, F.F., Johnston, E.V., Wan, W., Nagendiran, A., Zheng, H.Q, Bäckvall, J-.B, Zou, X.D.
2014 | APL Materials | accepted
Scientific papers

The first one-pot synthesis of metal-organic frameworks multifunctionalised with two transition metal complexes

Platero-Prats, A.E., Gómez, A.B., Samain, L., Zou, X.D. and Martín-Matute, B.,
2014 | Chem. Eur. J. accepted, DOI: chem.201403909
Scientific papers

A series of highly stable mesoporous metalloporphyrin Fe-MOFs

Wang, K.C., Feng, D.W., Liu, T.F., Su, J., Yuan, S., Chen, Y.P., Bosch, M., Zou X.D., Zhou, H.C.
2014 | J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, ASAP. DOI: 10.1021/ja507269n.
Scientific papers

Synthesis of Hydrocodone and Hydromorphone via Transition Metal-Catalyzed Redox Isomerization in Water

A. Bermejo Gómez, P. Holmberg, J. E. Bäckvall, and B. Martín-Matute
2014 | RSC Advances | 4
Scientific papers

EMM-23: a stable high-silica multidimensional zeolite with extra-large trilobe-shaped channels

Burton, A.W., Willhammar, T., Yun, Y.F., Sun, J.L., Afeworki, M., Strohmaier, K.G., Vroman, H., Zou, X.D.
2014 | J. Am. Chem. Soc. ASAP. DOI: 10.1021/ja507615b. | 136(39) (13570-13573)
Scientific papers

Micro-hydrothermal reactions mediated grain growth during spark plasma sintering of a carbonate-containing hydroxyapatite nanopowder.

Yi Liu, Mirva Eriksson, Zhihao Jin, Mats Nygren, Zhijian Shen
2014 | Journal of the European Ceramic Society | 34(16) (4395-4401)
Scientific papers

A resistance-switchable and ferroelectric metal-organic framework

Pan, L.; Liu, G.; Li, H.; Meng, S.; Han, L.; Shang, J.; Chen, B.; Platero-Prats, A.E.; Lu, W.; Zou, X.; Li, R.-W.
2014 | Journal of the American Chemical Society | 136(50) (17477-17483)
Scientific papers

Mechanism of palladium/amine cocatalyzed carbocyclization of aldehydes with alkynes and its merging with "Pd oxidase catalysis"

Santoro, S.; Deiana, L.; Zhao, G.-L.; Lin, S.; Himo, F.; Córdova, A.
2014 | ACS Catalysis | 4(12) (4474-4484)
Scientific papers

Phase identification and structure determination from multiphase crystalline powder samples by rotation electron diffraction

Yun, Y.; Wan, W.; Rabbani, F.; Su, J.; Xu, H.; Hovmöller, S.; Johnsson, M.; Zou, X.
2014 | Journal of Applied Crystallography | 47(6) (2048-2054)
Scientific papers

High performance nanosheet-like silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves: Synthesis, 3D EDT structural analysis and MTO catalytic studies

Sun, Q.; Ma, Y.; Wang, N.; Li, X.; Xi, D.; Xu, J.; Deng, F.; Yoon, K.B.; Oleynikov, P.; Terasaki, O.; Yu, J.
2014 | Journal of Materials Chemistry A | 2(42) (17828-17839)
Scientific papers

Defect Minimization in Prosthetic Ceramics

Adolfsson, E.; Shen, J.Z
2014 | Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry (359-373)
Scientific papers

Enantioselective heterogeneous synergistic catalysis for asymmetric cascade transformations

Deiana, L.; Ghisu, L.; Afewerki, S.; Verho, O.; Johnston, E.V.; Hedin, N.; Bacsik, Z.; Cõrdova, A.
2014 | Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis | 356(11-12) (2485-2492)
Scientific papers

A 3D 12-Ring Zeolite with Ordered 4-Ring Vacancies Occupied by (H2O)2 Dimers

Liang, J.; Su, J.; Wang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Zou, X.; Liao, F.; Lin, J.; Sun, J.
2014 | Chemistry - A European Journal | 20(49) (16097-16101)
Scientific papers

Recent achievements of electron beam deceleration method for FE-SEM enhanced elemental analysis including soft X-ray Emission Spectroscopy

Asahina, S.; Sakuda, Y.; Murano, T.; Takahashi, H.; Kikuchi, N.; Kawauchi, K.; Nokuo, T.; Schüth, F.; Terasaki, O.
2014 | Microscopy and Microanalysis | 20(3) (686-687)
Scientific papers

Transition metal-catalyzed redox isomerization of codeine and morphine in water

Gómez, A.B.; Holmberg, P.; Bäckvall, J.-E.; Martín-Matute, B.
2014 | RSC Advances | 4(74) (39519-39522)
Scientific papers

Evidence of intracrystalline mesostructured porosity in zeolites by advanced gas sorption, electron tomography and rotation electron diffraction

Garcia-Martinez, J.; Xiao, C.; Cychosz, K.A.; Li, K.; Wan, W.; Zou, X.; Thommes, M.
2014 | ChemCatChem | 6(11) (3110-3115)
Scientific papers

Aluminophosphate monoliths with high CO2-over-N2 selectivity and CO2 capture capacity

Akhtar, F.; Keshavarzi, N.; Shakarova, D.; Cheung, O.; Hedin, N.; Bergström, L.
2014 | RSC Advances | 4(99) (55877-55883)
Scientific papers

Methylcellulose-directed synthesis of nanocrystalline zeolite NaA with high CO2 uptake

Shakarova, D.; Ojuva, A.; Bergström, L.; Akhtar, F.
2014 | Materials | 7(8) (5507-5519)
Scientific papers

Mild and selective hydrogenation of nitro compounds using palladium nanoparticles supported on amino-functionalized mesocellular foam

Verho, O.; Gustafson, K.P.J.; Nagendiran, A.; Tai, C.-W.; Bäckvall, J.-E.
2014 | ChemCatChem | 6(11) (3153-3159)
Scientific papers

Improved performance of colloidal CdSe quantum dot-sensitized solar cells by hybrid passivation

Huang, J.; Xu, B.; Yuan, C.; Chen, H.; Sun, J.; Sun, L.; Ågren, H.
2014 | ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces | 6(21) (18808-18815)
PhD thesis

Refining of hydrochars/ hydrothermally carbonized biomass into activated carbons and their applications

Hao, Wenming
2014 |
Scientific papers

C-2 Selective Arylation of Indoles with Heterogeneous Nanopalladium and Diaryliodonium Salts

Joel Malmgren, Anuja Nagendiran, Cheuk-Wai Tai, Jan-E. B!ckvall, and Berit Olofsson
2014 | Chem. Eur. J. | 20 (13531-13535)
PhD thesis

Characterization of crystalline materials by rotation electron diffraction : Phase identification and structure determination

Yun, Yifeng
PhD thesis

Open-framework Structures Built by Inorganic Clusters : Synthesis and Characterization

Chen, Hong
PhD thesis

Structuring porous adsorbents and composites for gas separation and odor removal

Keshavarzi, Neda
PhD thesis

Laser sintered materials with Non-equilibrium structures

Qian, Bin

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