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The EXSELENT center promotes multidisciplinary and innovative research on porous materials. The center generates new ideas for designing and synthesizing porous materials for different applications such as:

  • chemical production from sustainable materials using heterogeneous catalysis
  • gas separation
  • using porous ceramic materials for purification of emission gases
  • biogas upgrading
  • biomaterials
  • characterisation of porous materials such as MOFs, zeolites, porous polymers
  • methods for improved structure characterization by electron crystallography

Information about application areas and research focus can be found in the Research link above.


There are possibilities for new companies to join the center.


Please contact the center director Niklas Hedin (niklas.hedin@mmk.su.se) for further information.


You may also contact Dr Anna-Karin Tidén (anna-karin.tiden@mmk.su.se, +468163942) who is the EXSELENT Centre's Innovation Expert, with the responsibility to secure commercialisation of the Centre's output.


2016-04-04 /Mikael Kjellin (mikael.kjellin@mmk.su.se)